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Your swimming pool is a worthwhile investment and as such, it needs to be protected by all means possible. You need professional pool services to ensure that everything is working smoothly. We are a reputable pool cleaner Fort Worth and we have a great team of professional experts. It is our responsibility to ensure that your pool is safe and all the parts are working efficiently. One of the key areas that we specialize in is pool leak detection.

Swimming pools need to be watertight and this is why sealants are used. However, after a while, the sealants will wear out and this may cause the pools to start leaking. It is very difficult for an ordinary person to notice that the pool is leaking. The leaks can happen through the accessories, fittings and other plumbing fixtures. Leaks need to be repaired with immediate effect as this is the only way that you will be able to save the water in your pool.

Pool leak detection is a specialized service that we offer to our commercial and residential clients. Being able to detect a leak has saved homeowners from expensive repairs. Do not assume that you can take care of the problem by yourself; give us a call and allow our technicians to inspect your pool for any signs of leaks.

Our Pool Services

We offer a wide range of pool repair services. When we detect pool leaks, we are able to handle any necessary repairs that are required. Some of the key services we offer include:

  • Underground repairs
  • Equipment repairs
  • Underwater repairs
  • Sealant replacement

Leaks in Underground Plumbing

Every pool owner’s fear is when there are leaks in the underground plumbing. This may happen occasionally and needs to be corrected as soon as possible. Some of the parts that may be affected include the pipe connectors and other plumbing features. In order to determine if the underground pipes are leaking, we will shut off the pump and plug in all the pool lines. In the event that the leaking continues, then we will be sure that the pipes are ok. However, if the leaking stops, we remove each plug individually so as to determine the exact source of the leaks.

We use modern techniques to test each individual line for leaks. Our experts will use their experience and training to detect the leak fast. Once this is established, we will be glad to fix the underground equipment that is leaking and allow you to continue using your swimming pool.

Get Pool Leaks Fixed

Irrespective of the size of the leak, it can cause serious problems to your pool and make it unusable. When summer is approaching and you are hoping for some quality swimming sessions, pool leaks can really frustrate you. We offer professional pool leak detection and quick repairs. Once we discover where the leak is, we will not waste any time, but get to the repairs right away. We have a reputation for timely and efficient pool leak detection and repairs. We are experienced and as such, it does not matter the source of the leak; we will have it fixed within no time.

If your pool has cracked or the equipment is damaged in such a manner that it causes leaks, we are happy to have it fixed in the shortest time possible to keep your pool maintained. If you have a swimming pool, you should be able to enjoy it to the maximum and our professional service will ensure that. When you leave any damage and cracks unattended, they will become worse and the pool will leak. Our professional team has the experience and skills to handle any leaks and we offer quality pool repairs.

Professional Leak Detection and Repairs

Do you have a pool that leaks all the time? This means that it has serious problems and needs to be attended to immediately. When you contact us, we will not rule out anything and we will carry out a comprehensive inspection and find the exact source of the leaks. In most cases, we have found leaks in the plaster and disconnection between the plastic skimmer and concrete pool. We will use high-quality supplies in fixing pool leaks and ensure that it lasts for a long time. We are known for the prompt response and immediate solutions to all pool leaks.

If you need a professional pool cleaner Fort Worth TX, give us a call. We will schedule an appointment for pool leak detection and repair services.

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